Ph.D. Qualification Exam - Materials Concentration

MATL 7355 is a core course for the PhD qualification exam in MIE for the materials concentration.

Information for Ph.D. Qualification Exam A, 2023

The Ph.D. qualification exam A of the materials science concentration will consist of two parts, MSE1 “Thermodynamics of Materials” and MSE2 “Kinetics of Phase Transformations”.

Number of Questions

Each part will consist of three questions (six questions in total) and the candidate will be required to answer exactly two questions of each. Each of the four total questions answered will be worth 25% of the overall exam grade.

Details on MSE1 “Thermodynamics of Materials”

  1. The following topics will not be asked:

    • Open systems
    • Systems with magnetic/electric fields
    • Statistical Thermodynamics
    • Einstein/Debye models of heat capacity
    • Non-ideal gases and Van de Waals Gas calculations
    • Subregular solutions
    • Gibbs-Duhem integration
    • Ternary phase diagrams
  2. One question of MSE1 will be on binary phase diagrams. So, make sure you understand them well.

  3. Questions in MSE1 may have sub-questions (a, b, c,…) and will be of similar style to the homework and mid-term exam (however, will be unique and not be an old question with different numbers).

  4. Formula sheet will not be provided in this exam. However, all three questions of MSE1 will state the key equations needed to solve the problem.


For information regarding allowed notes and other exam policies contact Prof. Jung.


For information on MSE2 “Kinetics of Phase Transformations” contact Prof. Upmanyu.